Marek Stokowski

* 1957 in Warsaw

Polish poet and author.
Studied linguistics and literary science at the University of Warsaw. After his degree studies, postgraduate studies in pedagogical museum science in Britain, Germany and Sweden.
Marek Stokowski has been curator of Malbork Castle since 1983.In addition to organizing and leading educational and adventure role-play events for adults and youth, he has functioned as consultant-advisor on over 30 film and television productions concerning Malbork Castle.
In addition to his scientific publications, he has also written numerous youth books: non-fiction, historical and adventure novels and humorous short stories, for the youth market, and several novellas.

His books "Malbork Castle", "Gniew Castle" and "Legends of Malbork" were published by TopSpot Guide in 2004, 2007 and 2013 respectively.


Malbork Castle

The world of the Teutonic Order

Gniew Castle

seat of Teutonic commanders and royal governors


of Malbork